Updated 10/18/2020: Due to COVID-19, Drexel EMS operations have been stalled until further notice.


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Drexel EMS (DUEMS)  is a volunteer student organization  which provides emergency medical care to Drexel University's Main Campus and the immediate community.

Drexel EMS is certified by the PA Department of Health as quick response service (QRS), rendering emergent, stabilizing aid, from the time you call for EMS, to the time a Philadelphia Fire Department unit arrives. At this time we do not provide emergency transport services, however, we provide the same level of care as any Philadelphia Fire Department Basic Life Support (BLS) unit.

We receive advising from the Department of Public Safety and medical direction from Drexel University's College of Medicine. Drexel EMS works closely with Drexel Police and the Department of Public Safety to provide the best pre-hospital care possible.

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02-28-2020 to 03-01-20: Drexel EMS attended our 10th Annual NCEMSF Conference in Boston! 

10-20-18: Drexel EMS provided standby coverage for Drexel's Winter Jam, Featuring Walk the Moon.


09-21-18: At the Grand Opening of Philly's biggest Wawa located right on Drexel's campus, Drexel EMS competed with Philadelphia Fire Department and Drexel University's Police Department in a  hoagie-making competition. Prized with $1,000 to give to a charity of our choice, Drexel EMS  chose to donate to the United Services Organization.


05-06-18: Drexel EMS provided standby coverage for the Broad Street Run alongside Philadelphia Fire Department, Temple EMS, and Mayor Kenney!


02-23-18 to 02-25-18: Drexel EMS attended our 8th  Annual NCEMSF Conference in Philadelphia! We connected with other Universities and learned about the latest advances in Emergency Medicine.


11-13-17 to 11-19-17: Drexel EMS held our annual NCEMSF Collegiate EMS Week! On campus, our members taught Hands-Only CPR to the public.


05-14-17: Drexel EMS provided standby coverage for Drexel's Spring Jam, featuring Lupe Fiasco and Marian Hill.


05-07-17: Drexel EMS provided standby coverage for the Broad Street Run.


03-01-17: Drexel EMS was recognized for our service at the Drexel University Public Safety Induction and Commendation Ceremony.


02-24-17 to 02-26-17: Drexel EMS attended our 7th  Annual NCEMSF Conference in Inner Harbor in Baltimore! Drexel EMS was awarded the Striving for Excellent Award. Some of our members even spoke at the Vomacka Student Speaker Competition!

02-03-17: Drexel EMS had our Annual Winter Blood Drive with the American Red Cross. We reached our goal of 32 units, with 30 donors coming out to support the cause. Thank you to all who came and helped us reach our goal and local hospitals!

01-27-17: Drexel EMS provided standby coverage for Drexel's Winter Fest, featuring Lil Uzi Vert.


11-14-16 to 11-20-16: Drexel EMS held our annual NCEMSF Collegiate EMS Week! With EMS facts throughout the week, and activities held campus wide, we celebrated all our great accomplishments with Drexel University. Click here to see our Mannequin Challenge!



07-22-16: Drexel EMS hosted their second blood drive with the American Red Cross. 31 units of blood were collected, 6 of  which were double red donations. All units went to local hospitals aiding 93 people.

02-26-16 : Drexel EMS attended their 6th NCEMSF Conference! Drexel EMS was awarded EMS Ready Campus status, a recogniton for excellence in MCI & Disaster preparedness! 

Click here for article!


02-1-16 : Drexel EMS hosted it's first annual American Red Cross blood drive on campus. 31 units of blood were collected!

Click here for article!


11-24-15 : Drexel EMS members donated 6 turkeys to the 102.9 MGK thanksgiving turkey drop!

Click here for article!


10-10-15 : Drexel EMS provided standby coverage for Drexel's 2015 Fall Fest concert that featured Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa.


09-26-15 : Drexel EMS provided 120 hours of continuous campus coverage during the papal visit. 


02-28-15 : Drexel EMS attended their 5th NCEMSF Conference! This was the first year Drexel EMS members participated in the Student Speaker Competition.


02-20-15Drexel EMS members, alumni and advisors gathered to celebrate the service's first major Milestone at their 5 Year Anniversary Banquet.  


10-1-14 : Drexel EMS participates in it's first ever full scale MCI drill on campus alongside Drexel Police, Public Safety and Temple EMS. Click here for article!


09-24-14 : Drexel EMS puts it's new vehicle in service!


11-05-13 : Drexel EMS members were acknowledged at this years Drexel Police and Public Safety Commendations Ceremony. Click here for article!


07-17-13 : Drexel's Delta Phi Epsilon Sorority hosted a pasta dinner in sponsorship of Drexel EMS. Over $900 raised!


06-04-13 : Drexel EMS's Chief was mentioned in a campus article. Click here for the article!


05-17-13 : Drexel EMS hosts their 1st Annual Spring BBQ! Drexel EMS was joined by students, alumni, Drexel Police and Public safety . Check out the article published in the Drexel Triangle:  click here for article!


05-16-13 : Drexel EMS is named Drexel's Student Organization of the Year at this year's Student Life Award Ceremony! Check out the article published by the College of Nursing and Health Professions: click here for article !





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