To provide professional, timely and high-quality patient centered care to the students, faculty, staff and guests of Drexel University’s Main Campus. Drexel University Emergency Medical Services (Drexel EMS) is a student organization consisting of EMTs, first responders and support staff and medical director from Drexel College of Medicine, and an administrator from the Department of Public Safety. It is the goal of Drexel EMS to provide the most efficacious care to all who may need it in the safest and most professional manner. Drexel EMS acts to supplement the existing Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system in the city of Philadelphia by providing immediate care and performing life saving interventions. Drexel EMS works closely with the Department of Public Safety and the Drexel Police Department.



As an incoming freshman to the Fall class of 2007, founder Dominic De Angelo (right) saw a need for EMS presence on campus.  Realizing this need, Dominic partnered with founder Billy Messerschmidt (left) and the proposal for Drexel EMS was developed in 2008 and shared with the staff of the Pennoni Honors College. Receiving a positive review, the proposal for Drexel EMS quickly found its way to the desk of then Interim Provost Greenberg before finally making its way to the Drexel University Department of Public Safety.


After many revisions, a final proposal outlined the operations, structure, administration and response procedures for what would become Drexel EMS. This final proposal was submitted to the Philadelphia Fire Department and received approval in March of 2010.

With the generous support of the Department of Public Safety, Drexel EMS was outfitted with 4 EMS bicycles and all of the equipment needed to properly and fully staff two basic life support crews. With this equipment, Drexel EMS provided its first EMS stand-by at Drexel’s 2010 Commencement with its first three members.

Drexel EMS is a volunteer student organization which provides emergency medical care to Drexel University's Main Campus and the immediate community.

Drexel EMS is certified by the PA Department of Health as quick response service (QRS), rendering emergent, stabilizing aid, from the time you call for EMS, to the time a Philadelphia Fire Department unit arrives. At this time we do not provide emergency transport services, however, we provide the same level of care as any Philadelphia Fire Department Basic Life Support (BLS) unit.

We receive advising from the Department of Public Safety and medical direction from Drexel University College of Medicine. Drexel EMS works closely with Drexel Police and the Department of Public Safety to provide the best pre-hospital care possible.


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