Here we address some of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you find that you have a question that has not yet been answered please feel free to contact us!

Can Drexel EMS transport patients?I'm a title. Click to ed

Drexel EMS is not currently registered as a transport service. The Philadelphia Fire Department will be dispatched to the scene of a medical emergency requiring transport to a local hospital.



How do I call for Drexel EMS?I'
For an emergency on campus, call the Drexel Emergency Hotline # 215-895-2222. This will connect you with a dispatcher who will ask you for your name, location and situation. They will then dispatch Drexel EMS to your location.


What happens if I call 911?I'm a title. Click to edit me

If you call 911 on campus you bypass the Drexel Police Department and emergency services and will be directed to the Philadelphia Police and Fire Department.​ Philadelphia Police and Fire will respond to your emergency, however they may take some time to arrive since they serve the entire Philadelphia area. By calling the Drexel Emergency Hotline # 215-896-2222 Drexel EMS and Police will respond immediately. 

How confidential is Drexel EMS?e. Click to edit me

Drexel EMS is bound by the same standards of any health care system which require absolute patient confidentiality as mandated by HIPPA.  Without patient consent, Drexel EMS members can never discuss case or personal information with anyone. Drexel EMS understands the importance of privacy in a close-knit campus community and will never reveal identifying details about a patient to anyone not directly involved in the patient's medical care.


Will the Drexel Police come if I call Drexel EMS?I to 

Yes, Drexel Police accompany Drexel EMS on every call to ensure the safety of the crew, the patient, and any bystanders.



Do Drexel EMS members get paid?I to 


No, Drexel EMS members work one a purely voluntary basis. Members join Drexel EMS for a variety of reasons, primarily due to their motivation to help the campus community.

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