​​Volunteering with an EMS service is an experience all in it's own. As a member Drexel EMS you are provided the opportunity to serve the Drexel University campus and surrounding community in ways that are uniquely different from any other collegiate student organization. 


Benefits of Membership

  • Valuable hands on patient care experience

  • Development of leadership skills

  • Networking opportunites 

  • Free training and continuing education opportunies

  • Socialize and meet a great group of people



In order to provide consistent quality care to Drexel's campus and surrounding community, there is a basic level of commitment required to maintain membership. These requirements include:
  •  ​Volunteering a minimum of 2 shifts per month (24 hours of duty)
  • Attending all training sessions that are mandatory and are held every two weeks.
In the event a member feels he/she will not be able meet the requirements of membership for any particular month or term, they can notify their leadership in advance to make alternative arrangments. 
Membership status is evaluated at the end of each term.



To join Drexel EMS, you first must be a Drexel student in good standing with the university. Next, you should have an American Heart Association CPR* or First Responder certification.

* You can sign up for a CPR class through our website under the "courses" section. 


Please email with any questions.


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