Coverage Area 


Drexel EMS operates within the same coverage area as the Drexel Police and Public Safety. This area runs from 30th to 36th Street and from Spring Garden to Chestnut Street. Crews operate out of the base station located at 118 N. 34th Street at the heart of Drexel's campus.



Drexel EMS operates on the Police radio channels and is dispatched by the Drexel University Police Dispatchers.



Drexel EMS responds to incidents by way of a QRS vehicle or fully QRS equipped bicycles. Weather permitting, there may be two to four bicycles and or the QRS vehicle stationed on and around camps during a shift. Current response times from time of dispatch to time at patient average approximately 3.0 minutes. 

 Our Crew


Drexel EMS is comprised of PA certified EMTs, National Registry EMTs, First Responders and CPR certified members. With varying certification levels, crew compositions can vary.

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