Operations Overview

​Drexel EMS currently operates on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm to 7am. Operating out of University Crossings, Drexel EMS is dispatched by Drexel University Police Dispatchers. We respond to any medical emergency within the boundaries of the campus, in addition to fire alarms, or situations warranting a fire department response. Drexel EMS is also available for hire to provide emergency medical standby at events on and off campus. 


Drexel EMS is certified by the PA Department of Health as quick response service (QRS), rendering emergent, stabilizing aid, from the time you call for EMS, to the time a Philadelphia Fire Department unit arrives. At this time we do not provide emergency transport services, however, we provide the same level of care as any Philadelphia Fire Department Basic Life Support (BLS) unit.


Drexel EMS responds to incidents by way of a QRS vehicle or fully equipped bicycles. Weather permitting, there may be two to four bicycles and our QRS vehicle stationed on and around camps during shifts. These bicycles are equipped meeting the QRS standards set by the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health. With the exception of a stretcher, these are our "mobile ambulances," and can operate as paired unit. 

Drexel EMS works closely with the Drexel University Department of Public Safety, and the Drexel Police Department. Our main goal is patient and student safety. Drexel EMS strives to maintain the highest quality care, always keeping the patient in mind. With this, Drexel EMS does not request police intervention for patients seeking medical help for drugs or alcohol. While police may be present during such emergencies, their purpose is to ensure the safety of all parties involved. All personnel are HIPAA trained ensuring the upmost professionalism when dealing with sensitive healthcare information.

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